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The Surprising Benefits of Having Your Own Cleaning Business!

by | Oct 5, 2017 | 1 comment

Not long ago our children received postcards from their young friends vacationing overseas. Scrawled delightfully across the back, the girls talked about their extended holiday with family and the sights that they were enjoying.

A young, glamorous couple we know spend six months or more in China and South East Asia, then come back to Australia for a while before returning overseas again. All by their own timetable and choice and without being tied down in anyway.

Another couple nearing retirement live permanently in South America. They are having the time of their lives immersing themselves in the local culture and making lifelong friends.

Two friends teamed up and worked together earning far more than they had in the past as office workers. Both girls successfully built up their business part-time then sold it to travel the world with their partners.

Sounds like the kind of life we would all love?

Thinking they must have a prestigious, profitable online business that they run? Or perhaps they have fantastic investments that allow them to earn an income?

You’d be wrong.

The one thing all of these people have in common is they own a cleaning business in Australia!

And each of them built it from scratch and now support their lifestyle of choice.

We know it’s possible because we have enjoyed the same sort of freedom over the years with our own cleaning business.

We travelled around Europe and live in the most expensive city in Australia.

And freedom to travel isn’t the only benefit of running a cleaning business!


Scale your business up, or down!

The fabulous thing about a cleaning business is that it can be scaled as big or small as you want it to be.

There is plenty of work to go around for people who care about what they do and provide great customer service.

Don’t feel like having a large team of employees? Don’t have them! Keep it small and profitable.

Enjoy working minimal hours each week and still make more than you used to at your day job.

Want to support yourself overseas? Don’t feel like cleaning anymore? Grow your business with a team until it can be managed via skype, email and the internet.

It is all completely doable with a cleaning business.


It’s great for introverts.

You know all of those days when you really just wanted to be left alone to get on with the job?

And small talk felt like the biggest effort ever?

Not a problem when you have a cleaning business. You can put your head down and get on with the job, no questions asked.

It’s even better when you work out of hours in even more profitable offices.

So don’t worry about having to spend hours talking to people, because you won’t.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to be introverted to succeed, because of the next benefit!


You often become part of the workplace or family.

Nathan has enjoyed the best conversations over the years with his commercial clients. And that’s not a surprise – most of them have been with us for over 10 years!

So they’ve followed us through the birth of 4 children, our holidays and all those football grand finals! We’ve been part of expansions, ownership changes, seen families expand, commiserated over the loss of colleagues and celebrated wins with them.

Of course, one of the things we are known for is our professionalism, so we don’t go to our customers to gossip or spend excessive amounts of time chatting.

But we know, like and trust our customers.

And don’t even start me on the free coffees that window cleaners get!


It’s not as bad as some people think.

We had a blocked sewerage pipe at our home recently. So we called the local plumber to come and fix it.

Being the naturally curious people we are, both of us went out to see what had happened.

And there was our friendly, helpful plumber up to his elbows in, you guessed it, sewerage. Really, really smelly sewerage. These guys deserve a medal!

I can never recall a time in all of the 15+ years we’ve been cleaning that we’ve had to deal with something even remotely as revolting as our brave plumbers did.

Yes, we clean toilets. But we have long gloves, disinfectant, even longer brushes, and we get to choose places to clean where people don’t make a huge mess (or we are out of there!)

Not interested in the traditional house cleaning? Try window cleaning, carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning or the many other types of cleaning contracts available.


Good customers will go out of their way to keep you.

One of the things that stresses out business owners and office managers is finding good cleaners. Just stop and think about that for a moment.

A good cleaner keeps everything looking nice, the bathrooms hygienic and relatively germ free and the desks clean. This translates into a good impression on customers, healthier employees, less sick days and better productivity.

Sounds like a good thing, right? So it’s no wonder businesses will go out of their way to keep a good, reliable cleaner.

One regular contract we had actually approached us and said they wanted to pay us more! You read that right – they offered us a pay rise!

Others insist that only Nathan cleans their office, no one else. Ok, so that has a downside too, but it means they very much appreciate the quality of work he does. And they’re not about to replace us with a different cleaning company any time soon.

All this and we haven’t even mentioned all the end of year gifts that we get. It’s just as well for the next benefit!


It’s a fantastic workout.

How many jobs do you get paid to exercise?

Dusting, mopping, vacuuming, window cleaning – it is a fabulous workout!

A friend of ours is one of the fittest people we know. On top of regularly cleaning offices and houses, she’s out riding bikes and jogging. She doesn’t have to clean, they have employees that could be doing it instead, but she loves the workout.

As long as you are aware of the safe way to use vacuum cleaners, mops and cleaning chemicals, you can expect to have a fit and healthy working experience.

There are just a few of the surprising benefits of owning your own cleaning business.

There are many more that we could talk about!

So if starting your own cleaning business is something that you are thinking about, go for it! We’ve never regretted it.

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  1. Jessica

    I just quit my job as a secretary to start my own cleaning business. I’m really excited for the benefits of moving non stop and making my own hours! Great article! Thank you!


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