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How to Brand your Cleaning Business

How to Brand your Cleaning Business!

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There are two big mistakes that most people make when they brand a cleaning business:

They think that branding begins and ends with a logo.

They end up looking like every other cleaning business. Even when they think they don’t.

We are going to give you a peek into the process we used to rebrand our cleaning business. If you can use the same steps from the beginning, you will be miles ahead of your competition!

Our journey so far…

We’d been running our cleaning business for over 15 years. Most of our success has come from hard work, good service and word of mouth. No need for websites, fancy flyers or advertising campaigns.

And that’s been awesome for us! It’s as big as we want without being overwhelming or working crazy hours.

But we recently decided that it was time for a rebrand.

The biggest reason is that we want to expand. We have cleaners working for us now and that’s changed our business model.

So here are the steps that we took.

First, decide what you stand for.

Why are you in business?

Simon Sinek wrote a great book – What is your Why? And has a fabulous TedX session that you can watch here. It’s the best 18 minutes you can use for your business!

For us, it’s because we’ve always enjoyed providing a hands-on, personalised cleaning service. We aren’t corporate or remote in how we deal with our customers. Instead, we are approachable and responsive.

And that’s built a great business for us. We have a great reputation and customers that have been with us for more than 15 years.

Our strong customer service focus needed to be reflected in our branding!

Who are your customers?

We wanted to look at who we worked with best. So we developed an Ideal Customer Avatar. That helped us to focus on who our customers are, why they hire us, what’s important to them, and most importantly, how to market to them.

Our business is divided into three sections – commercial cleaning, strata cleaning and domestic cleaning (a new part of our business model). We wrote Ideal Customer Avatars for all three – because all of them are VERY different and we wanted to ‘speak’ to them in the best way. Trying to please all of them at once wouldn’t have worked.

This meant more than just looking at demographics (age, income, location) and thinking about their lifestyle, values and why they want a cleaner. For domestic customers that could include having more family time or the prestige from being able to afford a cleaner (and not feeling guilty!)  How do we communicate the idea that it’s fabulous and totally okay to have a home cleaner?

With a commercial client, it may be assuring them that contracting us will make them look good in the eyes of their manager. How can our marketing material reassure them that we will go beyond their expectations?

Then we blended the two together.

We developed all of our copy for our customers. We used their words, feelings, aspirations.

We ‘spoke’ to them in our flyers and website.

It was all made for them, not us.

And that’s one of the things that sets us apart – our business is about our customers. We take great pride in giving them a superior service that more than meets their needs. We can pivot a lot easier than larger, less personalised services.

This helped us to develop our website. It had to speak directly to our customers and assure them on an emotional and logical level that we are the right service for them. It takes them through the steps they need to take to access our services. We make it easy for them to choose us.

And that applies to office managers, strata committee members, and domestic cleaning customers.

We worked with a graphic designer.

I admit that despite being a do-it-yourself type, I am graphic design challenged! So we made the sensible decision to reach out for help with the graphics side of our branding.

One of the first things we did was create a secret Pinterest board and started pinning images that represented our ideal customer, colours that we thought would appeal to them and match our ‘why’ and quotes that reflected our ideal customer’s life and our business ethics. We pinned business cards and flyers that we liked the look of. And lastly, we gave her a copy of our Ideal Customer Avatars.

This gave our graphic designer a well-rounded insight into what exactly we were looking for. From there she developed logo ideas, advised on colours across the two focus brands (domestic and commercial), suggested fonts to use and collated images that reflected our brand ideals.

She created this wonderful branding board to use, making sure that all of our marketing material is consistent. This builds trust and makes potential customers more likely to talk to us.

But we understand that not everyone is able to work with a graphic designer!

So here are some ideas and places to go to find a complete branding kit at a fraction of the cost.

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